10 Broadway Shows You Must See in 2018/19

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10 Broadway Shows You Must See in 2018 – 2019 in New York.The theaters and stages of Broadway have something for everyone. Young or old, familiar with the stage or not, you will find shows within the theaters of New York this summer that will delight and inspire you. Here are the 10 Broadway shows you must see, ranging from complicated stories with political relevance to lighthearted tales of adventure and romance. Some are brand new, others are timeless, but all are brought to life by the finest performers in New York.

10 Broadway Shows You Must See – list:

1.Hamilton Musical

An unconventional sung-through show that quickly became one of the most famous broadway musicals of its generation, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton presents its audience with a very different take on American history. The performance uses an entirely non-white cast and hip-hop soundtrack to tell the life story of founding father Alexander Hamilton, who was George Washington’s right-hand man during the American Revolution.

A historical drama with very modern themes, this must-see show explores the nature of diversity, inclusion, and oppression. The show owes part of its fame to a controversy involving President Trump, who responded negatively after the cast of the show publicly criticized Vice President Pence, who was in attendance.

2.The Book of Mormon

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the minds behind long-running TV series South Park, The Book of Mormon is an unsurprisingly controversial production. This controversy has done nothing to decrease its popularity, and it is widely considered to be one of the funniest and most daring musicals showing today. Following a pair of young Mormon missionaries sent from Salt Lake City to Uganda, the show is a lot more than just a satire of the Mormon church.

While tackling religion, the musical also takes on colonialism and gender politics. Equal parts entertaining and insightful, The Book of Mormon is really about the power of individuals to make positive changes in the world and is surprisingly optimistic overall. That said, the production is loaded with blue humor and controversial subjects and may not be for everyone.

3.Dear Evan Hansen

Another of the more recent Broadway musicals you must see this summer, Dear Evan Hanson is a refreshing and touching look at the life of today’s misunderstood youth. The eponymous main character is a high school senior suffering from debilitating shyness and an anxiety disorder. Throughout the story, his desire to do good and help people is at odds with his yearning for love and attention.

Unlike some other broadway musicals about love, Dear Evan Hanson is especially subtle and nuanced in its approach. At once dark and comedic, the production explores complicated subjects like teenage suicide and the damaging effect of viral movements based on falsehoods but also manages to include funny and uplifting moments. Overall, the musical is more cathartic than sad and leaves the audience with a feeling of compassion.


Aladdin – Broadway musicals you must see. An adaptation of a classic Disney movie, Aladdin is still one of the most romantic broadway shows. Taking original inspiration from ancient folktales and One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, the production is a timeless story of adventure, romance, and magic. The Broadway adaptation includes all the songs featured in the film as well as new original tracks. Revitalizing and expanding the original story, Aladdin is a perfect film for families or for nostalgic adults who want to relive their younger days.

Kinky Boots

As controversial and off-beat as the title would suggest, Kinky Boots is the story of a young man who inherits a failing shoe factory in England. In order to avoid shutting the plant down and destroying the lives of all of its employees, the new owner searches for a niche and against all odds finds it in the production of footwear for drag queens. Although the show is noteworthy for its messages about discrimination and bias, at its heart it is about working hard to achieve your dreams and following through on your promises.


Considered one of the best romantic musicals to see on a date, Waitress is a show with a simple name but complex themes. On the surface, it is a story about a talented pie maker who hopes to win a local baking contest and leave her small town. Underneath, it is an examination of the struggles and feelings of captivity faced by women who experience domestic abuse. Waitress is a story about pie, but it is also a story about the courage it takes to make a fresh start.


Another great romantic Broadway musical to see with a date, Wicked is the story of an unlikely romance with undertones of friendship and sisterhood. Telling a story that takes place long before the Wizard of Oz, Wicked follows the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good as they evolve from strangers to rivals to friends.

7.The Phantom of the Opera

Easily one of the most famous Broadway musicals in history, The Phantom of the Opera is as powerful and memorable now as it was the first time it was performed. The production has evolved but the songs and story remain the same, recounting a timeless tale of love and obsession. Even if you have seen the show a hundred times before, this modern performance is sure to captivate you all over again.

8.CHER Show

There are very few hotter tickets on Broadway than biographical musicals. The Cher Story, which hits the New York stage at the Neil Simon Theatre this fall, is no different. With three actresses including the Tony nominated Stephanie J Block portraying the iconic Oscar-winning singer Cher. It features a book by Rick Elice and hits including I Got You Babe, Believe, and The Shoop Shoop Song.

9.Pretty Woman Musical

Director Garry Marshall hit it out of the park with his now-classic film “Pretty Woman,” and if he were alive today, he’d doubtless be thrilled that his creation is finally making its way to Broadway. Marshall penned the musical’s book with J.F. Lawton and Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance created the score that features a boatload of rock and roll ballads.

10.King Kong Musical

It’s been in the works for a long time, but finally the long-awaited musical starring a gigantic animatronic ape is ready to hit the boards of the Great White Way. Yes, King Kong is in the house and he is more than ready to climb to the heights of stardom, if not to the top of the Empire State Building.

So, no matter what your taste, there certainly are Broadway shows in New York for anyone. Even if you’re not particularly drawn to live shows, going to a live Broadway show is an experience of a lifetime. And with so many different styles and genres, you won’t be hard pressed to find something you could enjoy!

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