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Broadway show Schedule in New York City 2018 – 2019 – will be an exciting bunch. There are plenty of new releases and big name actors making their way to Broadway 2019. From film adaptations to iconic musicals, Broadway is going to be an exciting place this year. You’ll be spoiled for choice with so many fantastic new productions on offer.

About Broadway shows

Broadway is arguably the most famous and prestigious theater district in the world. Compiling forty different theaters in New York City, tourists and New Yorkers alike flood to Broadway shows that range from musical comedies to bleak existential dramas. Unknown actors have made their names on Broadway, and now some of the biggest stars in the world line up to star in Broadway productions, including Meryl Streep, Hugh Jackman, Al Pacino and Julia Roberts.

Although the first theaters opened in this area in 1750 and entertainment ranging from musicals to Shakespeare was provided there up until the end of the nineteenth century, it wasn’t Broadway as we know it now. In the 1920s and 1930s, theaters began to be built around Times Square, joining the theaters which already existed near Union Square and Madison Square. Society in New York began to develop: wages rose, transportation improved, and culture began to evolve as people had more money in their pockets for the finer things in life. Operettas were popular, and in the beginning of the twentieth century they were joined by plays by PG Wodehouse and Guy Bolton.

In the 1920s, a turning point took place. With the colossal success of the musical Show Boat combined with the popularity of American playwrights like Eugene O’Neill, Broadway began to make a bigger name for itself. O’Neill was joined by Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and Elmer Rice, as elsewhere tunes by George Gershwin and Cole Porter drew huge crowds. Stars like Gielgud and Robeson made their Broadway debuts, and audiences responded rapturously.

Throughout the twentieth century, Broadway hit its golden age. The Tony Awards were established in 1947, and musicals like Oklahoma! (1947), The Phantom Of The Opera (1988) and Cats (1982) began historically long runs that drew tourists from all over the globe. These days, Broadway is still the most talked about theater district in the world. With musicals like Wicked drawing thousands of people per week, the runaway success of Hamilton, and high-profile play transfers like Angels In America, Broadway has a one-in-a-million reputation for being inclusive, extravagant, glorious and beautiful. It’s rich with culture and art, and one of New York City’s most important institutions.

Monthly Schedule of Current Broadway Shows. Here is a rundown of current Broadway shows and their Monthly show times:

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  12. Broadway Shows in December – Guide to Most Popular & Upcoming Broadway shows in New York City.

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