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Best Broadway shows in June 2019 NYC will combine dark themes with sparkling production values. Summer is starting to heat up and so are Broadway stages, offering some fantastic new releases. With promising new shows opening and some fabulous favorites set to close, June is a great time to hit Broadway. Take respite from the heat of New York streets and spend a few hours enjoying a Broadway play. You’ll fall into some real summer loving with these Broadway shows in June. After all, there’s nothing better than a Broadway show! – Guide to Most Popular & Upcoming shows in Broadway. Compare Prices & Find Tickets Best Prices & Best Seats.

Broadway Shows in June – Reviews

Marvin’s Room

Marvin’s Room is one of the exciting new Broadway shows in June 2017. The show follows two estranged sisters, Lee and Bessie, who never quite got along. While Lee struggles with life as a single mom to a particularly troublesome son, Bessie also has her hands full. She cares for their geriatric father and his soap opera-obsessed sister. However, the sisters have to rally together and reunite after almost two decades when Bessie is diagnosed with leukemia. Can they help one another and see eye to eye while they still have time? The show is a touching addition to Broadway this season.


After playing successfully in the UK, 1984 is opening amongst Broadway shows in June. Telling the story of the wildly successful dystopian tale by George Orwell, it should certainly be a Broadway success. The show tells of the tyrannical ruling of a party that blocks individualism and independent thinking. This is all overseen by the ever-watching Big Brother. 1984 is still studied in classrooms around the world today and often speaks to modern discourse on government and rulers.  The play was critically acclaimed in the UK and seems to be on track for another great run in New York.

Sunset Boulevard

The fantastic Sunset Boulevard is sadly closing in June 2017 after a brilliant Broadway run. It should certainly be one of the most popular Broadway shows in June. Starring the inimitable Glenn Close, Sunset Boulevard follows fading Hollywood actress Norma Desmond. Norma desperately wants to find fame again and seems to survive only by reading her adoring fan mail. Close is stunning in the lead role and performs with gusto. Additionally, there are rousing musical pieces to keep the momentum going in this beautiful production. Broadway fans should make sure to see Sunset Boulevard before it ends its Broadway run in June.


Waitress is a sweet musical following Jenna, a sympathetic Southern waitress. The story was already popular in its 2007 film adaptation, and now it has made its way to Broadway. Jenna finds herself pregnant and trapped in a relationship with Earl, a moody layabout who doesn’t appreciate her. It seems that she may be doomed until an unlikely new face enters her life. She begins creatively naming her pies and developing a relationship with this new love interest. This sweet story is also uplifted by the jaunty soundtrack by musician Sara Bareilles.

On Your Feet

Fans of Latin music will adore On Your Feet, which tells the life story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan. Musical Broadway shows in June will have a hard time measuring up to this stonker! On Your Feet is energetic and uplifting, exploring the Estefans’ love for one another and belief in the American Dream. Above all, of course, the pair were committed to creating music that could be enjoyed all around the world. On Your Feet combines a compelling true story with some of Emilio and Gloria’s greatest hits. Indeed, audiences will be bopping along to the catchy songs from the moment the curtain rises!

Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen is a funny and touching musical about social anxiety and the allure of popularity. The show follows its title character, Evan, a socially anxious and unpopular high schooler. As recommended by his therapist, Evan writes himself a letter about how this new school year might be better. The letter ends up changing his life, although not in the way his therapist intended! Through a series of missteps, Evan finds himself embroiled in another family’s tragedy with an unlikely route to sudden popularity. With humor and heart, the show explores his inner and outer journeys from social invisibility to acceptance. If you’re looking for a mixture of laughs, music, and heart, you’ll adore Dear Evan Hansen.

– Broadway is the perfect place to go when you’ve had enough of Central Park. When the summer days are so long, why not spend some time seeing a Broadway show? From new releases to old classics, there’s a vibrant selection of Broadway shows in June.

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