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Best Broadway shows in New York – May 2019 promise to be thrilling. There are some excellent new productions opening in May and some older favorites will continue to run. May is a great time to enjoy a Broadway production. Summer hasn’t arrived yet so it’s nice to spend the evening inside waiting for those hot summer nights. As the city heats up, Broadway really gets going too! There are a myriad of fantastic Broadway shows in May. If you’re looking for a night of solid entertainment, Broadway is the way to go this month. – Guide to Most Popular & Upcoming shows in Broadway. Compare Prices & Find Tickets Best Prices & Best Seats.

Broadway Shows in May – Reviews


Opening at the end of April, Bandstand is a promising production for May. Set in the 1940s swing scene, Bandstand follows a group of musicians trying to succeed. This underdog story follows singer-songwriter Donny Novitski and his band of veterans in 1945. A national contest aims to find America’s next music sensation and Danny is out to win. He adds a pretty war widow to his group and attempts to whip them all into shape. The show will warm the audience’s hearts and get toes tapping at the same time.


Anastasia also debuted at the tail end of April but it is set to flourish throughout May. The show is based on the successful films charting the life of Anastasia Romanov. Moving from the Russian Empire to 1920s Paris, the show will delight lovers of history and glamour. Anastasia is a young woman on a mission to find out about her mysterious past. Meanwhile, a callous Soviet officer is on her tail, attempting to keep her quiet. The cast and creative team are illustrious so Anastasia should certainly be a fabulous show. The show promises to be one of the best Broadway shows in May.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The Musical

This thrilling new release is one of the most eagerly awaited Broadway shows and it finally opened in April. The story of Charlie and Willy Wonka’s factory has been extremely popular as a book and onscreen. Now, the 1964 novel is taking to the stage to bring Roald Dahl’s story to life. This family friendly musical tells the story of Charlie Bucket, a poor boy living with his parents and four grandparents. In an unlikely turn of events, Charlie wins a golden ticket to visit the mysterious Willy Wonka’s amazing chocolate factory. A world of wonders waits inside, and Charlie sees things that defy imagination. The audience are taken along for the thrilling musical ride in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The Musical.

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is a hugely successful production with music by Broadway legend Andrew Lloyd Webber. The show has returned to New York as one of the most stirring Broadway shows in May. The story takes place at an opera house where a mysterious, disfigured musical genius lives underground. He is obsessed with the beautiful soprano Christine and takes her on as his apprentice. The Phantom of the Opera contains moving musical numbers and a storyline that will enthral the audience. If you haven’t seen the show before then May is the perfect time to take a look.


Cats is another Andrew Lloyd Webber production with an equally bizarre but compelling story. This time it focuses on The Jellicles, a tribe of cats who dance and sing throughout this fantastic show. Certainly, Cats will be one of the best onstage Broadway shows in May. The felines must decide on one cat to send to Heaviside Layer for a new life. But who will it be? Cats has some of the best costuming that you’ll see on Broadway and is a truly captivating production. Even if you’re more of a dog person, you’ll be enraptured by the magic of Cats.

On Your Feet

On Your Feet is amongst the most exciting musical Broadway shows in May. It tells the true life story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan, the titans of Latin pop music. Fans of the pair will adore this musical tribute and people unfamiliar with their music will certainly be converted. On Your Feet portrays the Estefans’ love for one another, for their music, and for the American Dream. It is a magnificent story that will capture the hearts of music fans. What’s more, it contains excellent renditions of classic songs like “Rhythm is Gonna Get You”, “1-2-3”, and “Conga”.

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 is one of the most promising Broadways shows in May. The production stars music sensation Josh Groban and a cast of talented actors and singers too. While the show is based on Tolstoy’s War and Peace, it is accessible to a range of audiences. It tells the story of Natasha, a young girl who embarks on a risky relationship. However, she already has a lover who is away fighting in the war, and his best friend is still around. He keeps an eye on Natasha and her new beau as their relationship develops. The show combines a strong storyline with awe-inspiring music, so it is well worth a watch this May.


Waitress is the story of a downtrodden Southern waitress, Jenna, who falls pregnant. She isn’t overjoyed about this pregnancy because of her difficult relationship with her lover, the surly Earl. However, when an unlikely suitor comes along, it seems that Jenna may get a happily ever after. Waitress is a sweet and lovable tale about a sweet and lovable woman. It also includes an appealing musical score by musician Sara Bareilles. Audiences will enjoy the characters, the redemption story, and the musical numbers in this exciting Broadway production.

May is going to be a fabulous month for theater in all its forms. If you like comedy or love a good musical, you’ll be thrilled by your options amongst Broadway shows in May. Get your hands on some tickets and prepare to have a spring fling with theater!

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