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Cheap Broadway Tickets in New York 2017 – All information & schedule. BroadwayShows-Nyc.comCompare prices and find tickets best prices. Discount Broadway tickets are a great way to enjoy the glamour of New York’s theater scene without spending big bucks. While tickets for popular shows often cost hundreds of dollars, there are often discount Broadway tickets available. You just have to know where to look! By spending a little extra time and effort, you can see fantastic Broadway shows without blowing your whole pay check. Websites offering discount Broadway tickets are particularly useful if you’re looking to save some money but still enjoy great theater. Take advantage of these useful tips to find cheap Broadway tickets next time you’re in the mood for some theater.

How to Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets

Buy Your  Cheap or Discount Tickets Online on

Compare prices and find cheap Broadway show tickets. Using Broadway ticketing websites can also save you megabucks. Good websites can offer you information on the available shows and cheap prices on select tickets. Indeed, if you spend some time checking websites, you’ll probably find discount Broadway tickets for your favorite show. This is a great way to find a show you’re interested in and buy cheap tickets without leaving your couch. Regular theater goers will save serious cash by shopping online. Why not save time standing in line at the box office by surfing the web instead?

Turn Up On The Day

You can often pick up cheap Broadway tickets by turning up to the box office on the day. Same-day Broadway tickets can sell for just a quarter of the price of full tickets. Just get to the box office as early as possible on the day of the show and cross your fingers! Of course, you do run the risk of missing the performance if it’s sold out. As such, this isn’t a great option if you’ve got your heart set on seeing a certain show. Similarly, if you’re only in New York for a short time, you may not want to try your luck.

Use A Discount App

Luckily, there are downloadable apps that can help you find cheap Broadway tickets too. If you’ve got an iPhone or an Android smartphone, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find an appropriate app. The TKTS app, for example, will let you see which shows are available at discount prices. You can save up to 50% of the ticket price by using apps like this! Theater addicts who want to save some money can really benefit from using apps to find discount Broadway tickets.

Use Your Student ID

College students and young people can access plenty of discount Broadway tickets. Many theaters have programs in place to help young people access theater. Certainly, if you’re aged between 18 and 35, you should have no trouble finding cheap Broadway tickets. Students, teachers, and librarians can also access cheap Broadway tickets through the School Theatre Ticket Program. What’s more, there are plenty of similar initiatives that help various groups of people access cheaper tickets. Check out which theater programs offer cheaper tickets to your demographic and you’ll find a way to save some dollars.

Play The Lottery

These days, many shows offer on the day discount Broadway tickets through a lottery system. Just enter your name and you’ll find out whether you’ve won cheap Broadway tickets on the day. Even highly popular shows like Hamilton, The Book of Mormon, and The Lion King take part in this tradition. Some run these lotteries at the theater and others require you to enter online or through an app. It shouldn’t take too much searching to find which shows offer on the day lotteries to keen fans. The lottery is an exciting way to get Broadway tickets at lower prices.

Go Off-Broadway

Broadway shows offer a certain panache but many wildly popular productions are staged off-Broadway. Luckily for you, off-Broadway shows tend to be cheaper than their central theater counterparts. If you have a specific show in mind, this tip might not help you. However, if you’re willing to shop around and you’re open to seeing smaller productions, you can save serious money off-Broadway. Many world-famous productions like Blue Man Group, Avenue Q, and Hair made their names off-Broadway. Don’t underestimate the fun you can have at a less central theater production.

Become A TDF Member

Do you like to see Broadway shows on a regular basis? If so, you can big money by becoming a member of the Theatre Development Fund. Not everyone is eligible, but many people can make use of TDF membership. For an annual membership fee of around $30, you can access discount Broadway tickets all year round. This can add up to significant savings for regular theater attendees. TDF even offers tickets to less mainstream shows for as little as $9! On top of all that, you can also access tickets before they go on sale to the general public.

Go To The Previews

Previews are early runs of the show that normally take place around a month before it officially hits the stage. If you want cheap Broadway tickets and a unique theater experience, previews are perfect for you. You might end up seeing a hit show before anyone else, or witness an alternative version of the end product. There also tends to be an exciting atmosphere in previews. After all, the cast are revving up for the show’s debut and family members are often in the audience. Getting discount Broadway tickets is easy if you’re open to seeing previews.

Broadway is a real experience and there’s nothing like the feeling of seeing a fabulous show for a cheaper price. Certainly, Broadway discount tickets can help you live your theater dream without the hefty price tag. By turning up early, see a show in previews, or play the lottery, you can really save cash. Sometimes, it’s as simple as using a savvy website to purchase – Cheap Broadway Show Tickets

  • How to Find Cheap Tickets to Broadway's Top Hits

    The Play is Sold Out? How to Find Cheap Tickets to Broadway’s Top Hits


    Broadway’s glittery signs in New York City attract tourists from around the world. Everyone wants to see the latest show, and that includes locals too. Because of the city’s constant influx of people, these shows are almost always sold out or too expensive for an individual or family. Don’t spend the monthly mortgage on tickets when you can find cheap Broadway play tickets with a little research. Cheap seats are possible when you understand the entertainment industry.

    Stand Up For Entertainment

    The majority of Broadway shows have assigned seating. You’ll ultimately sit for the duration of the play. However, there are a few shows that do offer standing-room options. Consider your personal needs when it comes to standing or sitting. Cheap Broadway tickets are usually possible if you’ll stand during the performance. More people can fit into a smaller space, which means that prices will be low.

    If you choose this option, be sure to arrive early at the venue. As you’re ushered into the building, you can essentially pick your spot. Keep your standing-room-only spot by remaining in place the entire time. Your friends and family can hold your place as you visit the restroom or concessions.


    Play The Lottery


    A unique part of Broadway shows is the lottery factor. Most plays have a daily lottery for any open seats. Add your name to the drawing, and you’ll have a chance to buy discounted tickets for that day’s performances. These drawings are hit-and-miss so be prepared with another ticket strategy if you don’t win.

    Play representatives hold these drawings because open seats are usually randomly placed around the venue. If you win the drawing, the seats will probably be separated from one another. Enjoy the show as an individual, and meet up with your group later on. Cheap Broadway tickets are easy to come by when you’re flexible with your seating arrangements.


    App It Up


    The Internet gives you some leverage when it comes to play ticket choices and cost. Download applications or apps on your phone that are geared toward the Broadway scene. There are a handful of different apps that give you access to open seats. Most of the seats will be available within a week of the performance.

    Look for apps that are supported by the Broadway industry. Bidding sites and private sellers may not be legitimate. Cheap Broadway seats are possible from valid sellers, but you want to avoid any issues with possible fake tickets. Research any sellers on relevant apps by reading online reviews. Happy and frustrated customers will make their opinions known on these review sites.


    Hit The Kiosks


    As you walk around New York City, you’ll see red-and-white kiosks with the acronym “TKTS.” These kiosks are how New Yorkers find their musical and play tickets. This theater group takes any leftover seats from the day’s performances and discounts them. Be aware that you’ll need to stand in line for this cheap, Broadway-ticket outlet.

    If you’re looking for any musical or play, most of the kiosks support every performance in the city. You can also find “play only” kiosks that are often less busy than the main facilities. Regardless of the chosen performance, it’s possible to receive a 50-percent discount through these channels.


    Check The Box Office


    With so many high-tech ways to find cheap Broadway tickets, visiting the main box office is usually forgotten. The box office holds all of the open seats and distributes them to the local sellers. However, the box office always holds a few tickets for people walking up to the windows.

    Arrive early, and inquire about any open seats. Don’t be picky about the play or musical. You’ll have a better chance at scoring tickets when you’re open to alternative performances. Although you’re buying from the box office, same-day tickets are normally discounted with no processing fees attached to them. You’ll end up with a good deal for nearly any performance type.


    Youngsters Get All The Breaks


    The theater is always looking for fresh faces to fill the seats every day. Certain theater companies allow you to sign up for discounted tickets any time of year when you’re between 18 and 35 years of age. College students also have a chance to buy theater tickets at a steep discount.

    These tickets cannot be transferred so be sure to bring your ID when you buy them and use them at the theater door. If you have younger theater fans, it’s possible to find cheap seats through school programs associated with Broadway. Perform some online research, and you’ll find many ticket opportunities geared toward the younger set. Group discounts are possible too.


    Become a Member


    A clever way to see Broadway shows throughout the year is by becoming a member of one of the theater groups. You pay an upfront, membership fee so that you have access to early sales. This strategy for cheap Broadway tickets works well for people who live close to the city. You’ll receive discounts on both Broadway and off-Broadway works. If you’re a theater fan, becoming a member is a value that’s beyond just one performance. Renew the membership every year to keep up with the discounts.


    Get Social About It


    You may have exhausted all of your outlets for cheap Broadway tickets so try an alternative route. Spread a plea to your social-media followers. Ask if anyone has tickets available for sale. Friends and family may have tickets that they simply can’t use. Offer them a fair amount for the tickets so that no one is cheated out of a good deal. Followers who you don’t normally converse with might offer their tickets too. It never hurts to ask your contacts about tickets because emergencies and scheduling conflicts can be your ticket to a theater show.

    If you can’t find cheap Broadway seats for this trip to New York City, try to buy tickets for a future visit. Buy tickets as far into the future as possible, and you might score a great deal. Broadway will always be there for your entertainment in the years to come.

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