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Church and State Off-Broadway- Review

Church & State is a gripping, mile-a-minute meditation on religion, politics, and modern discourse. With politics and media reporting at its peak, there’s never been a better time for a play like this. Starring Mad Men’s Rob Nagle and directed by Markus Potter, Church & State is a critical success. What’s more, it’s also side-splittingly hilarious. With a take on everything from faith to Twitter, Church & State will sweep audiences into its story whilst reminding them of everyday politics coverage. Audiences will laugh and groan as they follow the main character through various political and personal mishaps.

The play surrounds the political life of Charles Whitmore, a conservative senator with a strong focus on Christianity. At the opening of the play, a school shooting has just taken place in Whitmore’s hometown. In a predictable but hysterical series of events, Whitmore makes some curious comments about guns and religion to a blogger. As soon as the story hits the internet, it becomes clear that this could be the end of Whitmore’s career. Church & State charts the efforts of Whitmore’s wife and campaign manager as they attempt to keep him in line. Of course, this is all the more important as the election is looming.

Church & State relies on a small ensemble cast of just three main characters and a couple of small side roles. Despite this, the play has the sense of a big production and remains gripping until the last minute. The set is equally minimalistic but serves the performance well, allowing the characters to really shine. Anyone who has followed politics with a critical eye will be gripped and humored by Church & State’s funny but poignant story.


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Church and State Off-Broadway

Theater: New World Stages – Stage Five
Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes (no intermission)
Starring: Rob Nagle

CAST & CREATIVE for Church & State

Cast: Senator Charles Whitmore – Rob Nagle
Creative: Written by Jason Odell Williams, Director – Markus Potter

This acclaimed play, written by Jason Odell Williams, received three Ovation Award nominations, including Best Playwriting for an Original Play, Best Production, and Best Lead Actor in a Play. The cast of this production includes Rob Nagle (AMC’s Mad Men), Nadia Bowers (Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black), Christa Scott-Reed (The Pitman Painters), and Jonathan Louis Dent (The Broken Record).

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