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Comedy on Broadway – NYC 2019. Best Comedy Theatre in New York. Comedy on Broadway include: Kinky Boots, Hello Dolly!, School of Rock and more. Find Tickets Best Prices to Comedy on Broadway.
Who doesn’t love a bit of a giggle?
Comedy clubs are a New York mainstay for a reason, but they don’t guarantee a good laugh. If you’re looking for fun, a comedy on Broadway is the best option. Broadway productions have all the glitz and glamour you could ask for and they also offer buckets of laughter. From one man shows and funny scenes to physical comedy and pun-packed musicals, Broadway has it all. These comedic Broadway shows have attracted huge audiences for a reason, so pick up some tickets if you’re looking for a truly funny night out. You’ll laugh until your hoarse and make great memories while the action unfolds onstage.

Comedy on Broadway – Oreview

– The Play That Goes Wrong

Anyone who’s ever witnessed a live performance tank will love this tongue-in-cheek production. The Play That Goes Wrong is a hilarious send-up of 1920s murder mysteries. Indeed, when the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society decide to stage a murder mystery evening, but when it doesn’t go to plan the clumsy performers struggle to get through the show. It’s a laughter riot from the first moment when you see the backstage staff hurriedly making last-minute set adjustments. Indeed, the play has forgotten lines, broken set pieces, and missed cues. There’s even a runaway dog! The Play That Goes Wrong promises a fun-filled Broadway evening.

– Not That Jewish

The creator and star of Not That Jewish, Monica Piper, has a real way with words and performative comedy. She has previously written for television favorites like Roseanne, Mad About You, and Rugrats. Luckily, she is now bringing her witty humor and hilarious stage presence to Broadway. In Not That Jewish, Monica tells side-splitting stories about life as a Jew-ish woman. And what a life it is! Monica grew up with a showbiz family in the Bronx and got her start in comedy clubs. Then there’s life as a single mom to contend with, and all the stories that come with it. Not That Jewish is as heart-warming as it is amusing, and you’ll might just find yourself laughing and crying in the theater.

– School of Rock – The Musical

What if you want to see a family-friendly comedy? Well, Broadway has plenty of options for you too! School of Rock is a perfect combination of comedy, music, and storyline that will entertain adults and children. This joke-filled musical is based on the popular 2003 Jack Black film. Indeed, if you liked the movie, you’ll love the stage production! You’ll laugh along as rocker Dewey Finn attempts to turn prep school kids into a credible rock band. This energetic musical references rock classics and original numbers so music fans will love it. If you want a show that will make the whole family giggle, School of Rock is the Broadway production for you. With a lot of heart and lot of fun, it’s a great mix of sweetness and humor.

– The Book of Mormon

This nine-time Tony Award winner is a fantastic and hilarious introduction to Broadway comedy. The Book of Mormon was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park fame) and Robert Lopez (from the funny off-Broadway mainstay Avenue Q). The musical tells the story of two young missionaries who go to Uganda in an attempt to spread the Mormon religion. Elder Price is confident and dedicated while Elder Cunningham struggles with his awkward social manner. The show crafts hysterical jokes out of some sensitive issues like religion, sexuality, race, and poverty. As such, you shouldn’t be surprised when explicit language makes a regular appearance. If you like dangerous humor, The Book of Mormon will have you in fits of laughter.

– Oslo

If you enjoy some dark comedy, Oslo is the Broadway production for you. It’s even based on a true story, so the comedic elements are all the more compelling. Oslo tells the tale of a Norwegian diplomat and her husband who worked on top-secret Israel-Palestine peace negotiations. For this reason, the play’s content is gripping and powerful, but it’s also infused with clever humor. Critics have praised Oslo for its smart handling of tough issues but its somber humor is just as important. For the most part, this play will suit people who are interested in current affairs and political history, but it’s also a great match for anyone who enjoys elements of comedy infused with intense drama.

– Sex Tips For Straight Women From a Gay Man

This rip-roaring production was a hugely popular best-selling book before it came to Broadway as a hilarious stage play. With a campy, funny, tongue-in-cheek approach, the play introduces audiences to seductive moves and romantic advice. The idea in itself isn’t revolutionary, but it’s all in the telling: what about a gay man’s love tips applied to a straight woman’s life? Additionally, this comedic production is interactive, so audience members are welcomed to the stage for a piece of the action. Sex Tips For Straight Women From a Gay Man is packed to the brim with unfiltered, unabashed, and intelligent comedy on Broadway.

Avenue Q

Avenue Q is a boisterous and hysterical fan favorite that first hit off-Broadway stages almost fifteen years ago. Essentially, it’s an adult version of Sesame Street with all the sweet moments and satirical humor you might expect. This comedy stage show mixes human actors and funny puppets for hilarious results. The story unfolds as a young college graduate moves to New York and attempts to follow his dreams. With no money and some quirky puppet neighbors, the results are raunchy, sometimes explicit, but always hilarious. Avenue Q has won Tony Awards and firmly planted itself as a critic and audience favorite, so it’s worth getting your hands on some tickets.

If you want some good laughs, Broadway is the place to go. Indeed, thousands of theater goers have giggled along with these comedy on Broadway masterpieces and you’ll find something to suit all senses of humor. Whether you like naughty jokes, physical comedy, or family-friendly laughs, there’s something for everyone. Pick a show, buy your tickets, and prepare yourself for a bellyache – you’re going to be laughing all night! – Guide to Most Popular & Upcoming Comedy on Broadway. Our guide to Broadway shows in NYC will help you find the best prices on show tickets.

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