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Farinelli and the King Musical Tickets – all information, schedule & review. Awaken the Music With Farinelli and the King. Some stories are unusual by nature, which is a perfect description for Farinelli and the King. This story centers around a king who has insomnia. His wife seeks out a solution in the form of Farinelli. This gentleman has a captivating voice that solves the king’s insomnia problems. The story’s dilemma occurs when the queen wants the singer all to herself. If he sings each night, the king sleeps soundly. However, Farinelli wants to sing on the opera circuit rather than working as a private performer.

Enjoy the brilliance that Mark Rylance brings to the main character, because he’s played this gentleman for several performances. His experience comes from the London run at the West End that played during 2015. He’s set to portray the main character again as this production moves to New York City.

Rylance is a natural choice for this role because he’s a four-time Tony award winner. You might recognize his awards for Twelfth Night, Boeing-Boeing, Bridge of Spies and Jerusalem. The Broadway production is also graced by the talents of the remaining London cast, including Colin Hurley, Huss Garbiya, Sam Crane and Edward Peel.

Bask in the music from the 1730s that’s set to be played by a baroque orchestra. This musical is based on a true story about Farinelli, who was a real-life Italian castrato opera singer. Immerse yourself in this story line as you feel the rhythms flowing through you. You’ll feel great affection for both the king and Farinelli in this unusual musical.

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Farinelli and the King Musical 2017-2018 NYC


Oscar® and three-time Tony® winner MARK RYLANCE returns to the stage in FARINELLI AND THE KING, coming to Broadway following sold-out runs at Shakespeare’s Globe and on London’s West End. Written by Claire van Kampen and directed by John Dove, this captivating new play “celebrates the restorative power of music and how it can transform us” (The Telegraph).

Belasco Theatre
111 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

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Belasco Theatre - NEW YORK, NY
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