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King Kong Broadway 2019– all information & schedule.
It’s been in the works for a long time, but finally the long-awaited musical starring a gigantic animatronic ape is ready to hit the boards of the Great White Way. Yes, King Kong is in the house and he is more than ready to climb to the heights of stardom, if not to the top of the Empire State Building. You may have heard rumors that the big gorilla was going to take to the stage last year, but a less than spectacular outing in Australia in 2013 persuaded those involved to re-think and re-write the whole production, and the new incarnation seems promising.

Jack Thorne, the playwright responsible for the smash hit “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” is part of the creative team that is to bring the big guy to the stage. Director and choreographer Drew McOnie (“Strictly Ballroom”) has joined forces with the Australian special effects geniuses of Global Creatures and producer Roy Furman of “Hello Dolly” fame to bring the monstrous production together in 2019.

King Kong Musical – Overview

The music is written by composer Marius de Vies (“Moulin Rouge” and “La La Land”) and there will be songs provided by Eddie Perfect, who also wrote music for the “Strictly Ballroom” musical. The old production featured songs by Sarah McLachland and Massive Attack’s 3D.

There is some Kong grunting provided by an actor in real time, but it was decided that having a 20-foot gorilla belting out show tunes would make even the most enthusiastic audience a bit skeptical. Much of the score is lyric free, allowing the actors and the great ape to move and dance in time with the music. Kong is quite agile, thanks to the skills of the team that also created the enormous creatures for arena shows like “Walking With Dinosaurs.”

Theatre goers will doubtless feel comfortable with the well-worn tale of the lovelorn ape as told in this version of the Kong brand. Most recently, the big fellow had a cinematic hit with “Kong: Skull Island,” so it’s natural to think that this version, if correctly presented, will be equally successful. Producers are banking on the character of heroine Ann Darrow to capture the hearts and minds of the audiences in this day of empowering female protagonists such as “Wonder Woman.”

King Kong Broadway Musical – Cast

There has been no word about cast members yet-except for the star monkey–but whoever is chosen must be prepared to play second fiddle to Kong, who is more than capable of chewing up the scenery, even though he neither speaks nor sings in the production. That’s probably a good thing, since history has taught us that Kong can wreak havoc when displeased, and a bad review of his vocal talents could cause a major Broadway catastrophe.

Expect King Kong to stomp on stage in the fall of 2019, with previews a bit earlier. – Guide to Most Popular & Upcoming shows in New York.

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King Kong Alive On Broadway Musical season 2018-2019

From Jack Thorne, the acclaimed writer of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, comes a thrilling theatrical take on the world’s most epic modern myth. Directed and choreographed by Olivier Award winner Drew McOnie, with an electrifying new score by Marius de Vries (La La Land) and Eddie Perfect (Strictly Ballroom The Musical), KING KONG comes alive on Broadway through an innovative mix of robotics, puppetry and stagecraft.

Follow an ambitious young actress and a maverick filmmaker as they voyage from the bustling streets of 1930s New York to an uncharted island to capture the greatest wonder the world has ever seen. At the center of this 21st-century reimagining: a 2,000-pound gorilla brought roaring to life by a team of seamlessly integrated artists and technicians. Don’t miss this larger-than-life encounter with a legend that’s always been too big to contain.


Director & Choreographer – DREW McONIE
Book Writer – JACK THORNE
Composer & Music Producer – MARIUS DE VRIES
Songwriter – EDDIE PERFECT
Set & Projection Designer – PETER ENGLAND
Sound Designer – PETER HYLENSKI
Kong/Aerial Movement Director – GAVIN ROBINS
Musical Supervisor – DAVID CADDICK
Costume Designer – ROGER KIRK
Lighting Designer – PETER MUMFORD
Kong/Aerial Movement Director – GAVIN ROBINS
Musical Supervisor – DAVID CADDICK

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