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Latin History for Morons Broadway – Review

Latin History for Morons is a play that does exactly what it says on the tin. This one man show features John Leguizamo as the world weary but humorous teacher. The production acts as an informative and comedic seminar on the history of the Latin world and its development and hindrances over the years. The stage show arose out of Leguizamo’s disbelief at his own lack of knowledge about his cultural heritage. When his middle-school son required help on a project about his heroes, Leguizamo realized that he was unable to provide information about their lineage. He took this as a call to action to school himself on the parts of history that were missing from his formal education.

The show discusses historical themes that have been discussed at length in recent years such as the uneasy traditions behind Thanksgiving celebrations. However, it also touches on subjects that may be unfamiliar to most audiences, such as the anti-Latino rhetoric that arose during America’s expansionist years. The play isn’t a worthy substitution for in-depth study but it offers a clever and funny primer on Latin history. The show also touches on Native American history. The format of an eager father attempting to teach his unresponsive son also lends a sense of warmth and humor to the production.

Latin History for Morons won’t add much information for people who are already well versed in the subject. Emmy Award winner Leguizamo is energetic and engaging, capable of holding the weight of a one man show with ease. The production falls somewhere between comedy and educational seminar, a style which audiences may be more amenable to in the wake of huge Broadway successes like Hamilton. Above all, Latin History for Morons offers a lot of compelling information for audiences who are eager to learn.

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Latin History for Morons Broadway NYC

Theater: Joseph Papp Public Theater/Anspacher Theater
Duration: TBA
Starring: John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo’s outrageously funny one-man show about uncovering the truth, and recovering from the past.

CAST & CREATIVE for Latin History for Morons

Cast: Performer – John Leguizamo

Creative: Written by John Leguizamo, Director – Tony Taccone

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