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Back in 1988, the world was astounded by the premiere of M. Butterfly. The East-versus-West contrasts gave the play an international feel when global entertainment was still in its infancy. On January 30, 2017, there was an announcement that this play would be brought to life on Broadway once again by the end of October. M. Butterfly will soon thrill a new generation of audiences with a love affair unlike any other.

The play’s story line revolves around a diplomat who’s cast into China for several decades. Along with the culture shock, this diplomat is also lonely. He falls in love with an opera singer, who maintains a mystery surrounding his or her identity. Audiences around the world were shocked to find out that the diplomat was ultimately in love with a man. This complex relationship mirrored the contrasts among the cultures as gender lines were crossed and discussed.

This story was based on a real love affair, which was unknown back in the 1980s. Shi Pei Pu and Bernard Boursicot, the real-life singer and diplomat, respectively, lived out this scenario. When the play premieres in October 2017, the producers intend to update the story with some facts from the couple’s life. Fans of M. Butterfly are now captivated with the possibility of a unique story line that expounds on the original masterpiece.

Clive Owen is set to portray the diplomat for the upcoming revival. There’s no word yet on his counterpart, the opera singer. The producers have already found their director in Julie Taymor. Casting news is expected to be announced throughout the summer as the play comes together for its opening night.

Be on the lookout for M. Butterfly as she casts a spell on audiences. This beloved play can only improve as updated information refreshes the characters and their impacts on modern culture.

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M. Butterfly Broadway Musical 2017-2018 NYC


Visionary director JULIE TAYMOR brings you the first Broadway revival of DAVID HENRY HWANG’s groundbreaking Tony® Award-winning play, starring Academy Award® nominee CLIVE OWEN.

Julie Taymor will take you on a journey that will leave you breathless—all through an exhilarating production featuring spectacular sets, thrilling choreography and dazzling stagecraft.

for M. Butterfly


Rene Gallimard – Clive Owen


Written by David Henry Hwang
Director – Julie Taymor
Original Music – Elliot Goldenthal


Cort Theatre
138 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036

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Cort Theatre - NEW YORK, NY
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