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Man From Nebraska Off-Broadway – Review

Man From Nebraska is a 2003 play by Tracey Letts, the author behind August: Osage County. That work was both a Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner, and Man From Nebraska is similarly true to form. Under director David Cromer, tender emotion and moments of witty humor stand out amongst the show’s serious subject matter. The play explores spirituality, self-exploration, and the pain of experiencing a mid-life crisis. With Letts penning them and talented actors like Heidi Armbruster and Reed Birney at the helm, Man From Nebraska becomes a piece of transcendent theater.

The audience follows Ken, a Baptist insurance salesman who finds himself feeling disillusioned and unhooked from his life. With two grown up daughters and a seemingly happy marriage, this sense of spiritual disconnection is unfamiliar for Ken. When he seeks the advice of Reverend Todd, he is advised to take a break and go on holiday. Ken decides on London and there he meets a raunchy, bondage loving divorcee, a friendly female bartender, and a sculptor who he deems to be absurdly talented. Meanwhile, his family at home are unravelling. The spotlight on his daughters’ loneliness and antipathy is riveting to watch as it unfolds just out of their father’s reach.

Man From Nebraska manages to introduce a fairly broad cast of characters with excellent depth. There is no sense of rushing as the audience soaks in the individual stories of this well-developed, multidimensional ensemble. What’s more, there is a streak of real humanity and emotion that runs through the core of Man From Nebraska. With the addition of humorous scenes and a beautiful set designed by Takeshi Kata, the play cements its place as one of this season’s must-see productions.

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Man From Nebraska Off-Broadway NYC

Theater: Tony Kiser Theatre
Duration: TBA
Starring: Heidi Armbruster, Reed Birney, Tom Bloom

Tracy Letts’ drama, a finalist for the 2004 Pulitzer Prize, makes its New York premiere.

CAST & CREATIVE for Man From Nebraska

Cast: Pat Monday – Heidi Armbruster, Ken – Reed Birney, Bud Todd – Tom Bloom, Ashley Kohl – Annika Boras, Tamyra – Nana Mensah, Harry Brown – Max Gordon Moore, Nancy Carpenter – Annette O’Toole, Cammie Carpenter – Kathleen Peirce, Reverend Todd – William Ragsdale.

Creative: Written by Tracy Letts, Director – David Cromer, Set Designer – Takeshi Kata, Costume Designer – Sarah Laux, Lighting Designer – Keith Parham, Sound Designer – Daniel Kluger.

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