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Music Hall of Williamsburg tickets are a great purchase. After all, the cool, young contingent of New York City are moving out to Brooklyn now, and Williamsburg in particular. Williamsburg is known for its hip vintage clothing, trendy bars, and new music scene. When you’re searching for new music and the best underground acts, Music Hall of Williamsburg is the place to go. The hall opened in 2001 under the name Northsix and quickly became known for booking excellent music and comedy acts. Bowery Presents, the company who run the notable Bowery Ballroom, acquired the venue in 2007. These acts are some of the best performers coming to Music Hall of Williamsburg in the upcoming season.

– VHS Collection with Eighty Ninety and Argonaut & Wasp

VHS Collection are an energetic and unforgettable rock band straight out of New York City. Their deep, synth-y electronic rock have captivated fans and gained them a passionate following. Their two EPs have been streamed more than ten million times online. Get your Music Hall of Williamsburg tickets for their performance with electronic pop band Eighty Ninety and indie dance crew Argonaut & Wasp.

– Dance Yourself Clean – Last Fridays

Dance Yourself Clean is the place to be on a Friday night in Brooklyn. The indie pop dance party brings together some of New York’s coolest residents and best DJs. Music is inspired by the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Haim, Kate Boy, and Cut Copy. If you’re looking for a place to jam out and get a heavy hitting Instagram photo, this is the gig for you.

– (Sandy) Alex G with Japanese Breakfast and Cende

(Sandy) Alex G is the stage name of young instrumentalist Alex Giannascoli. His new album, Rocket, brings together a cacophony of banjo, violin, and acoustic guitar. The unique personality of Alex G’s music make it easy to love. From themes of love and fun to exhaustion and obsession, his new record covers all bases. Synth band Japanese Breakfast and smooth Cende join Alex G for this unmissable concert.

– Bright Light Bright Light with Ariana and the Rose

Bright Light Bright Light is the creation of Rod Thomas, a creative pop artist from the Welsh Valleys. His new record, Choreography, is an emotional hard hitter that will really stick in your head. His independently produced tunes are totally infectious. Bright Light Bright Light will appear with Ariana and the Rose, a London indie pop project. Don’t miss out on Music Hall of Williamsburg tickets for this stunning show.

– The Bodega Boys Live! Ft. Desus Nice & The Kid Mero

Podcasts are the next big thing, and they’re taking over workout playlists and commute listening all over the world. The Bodega Boys is a hilarious comedy podcast featuring funny guys Desus Nice and The Kid Mero. They’re bringing their laugh-a-minute production to the Music Hall of Williamsburg for a live show that you’ve got to see. Make sure to grab tickets for this promising live broadcast.

– Mew

Mew are a Danish trio that produce groovy, ebullient music that you’ll want to listen to again and again. Their songs are highly visually inspired, with frontman Jonas Bjerre creating amazing projections to accompany their live shows. Their new record is a triumphant slow burner packed with unique songs that come together in perfect harmony. If you’re a fan of these Scandinavian music kingpins or you’re searching for new tunes, this is the concert for you.

– Slothrust with Tancred

Slothrust are a rock band that integrate stylish jazz and blues rhythms into their harmonic music. The band formed during their time at Sarah Lawrence College five years ago. They have gone on to create multiple contemporary rock anthems since their formation. If you’re looking to see a band that have impressed academics, critics, and fans alike, this Slothrust gig is perfect for you. Slothrust will appear with alternative indie artist Tancred for this promising show.

– San Cisco

San Cisco are hipster legends with a league of dedicated fans. Their music is genre-defining and slick, finely honed through their work with producer Steven Schram. They perform powerhouse gigs live, having impressed audiences all over the world during their extensive touring in the past few years. Their third album, Water, is set for release at the end of summer 2017, so this gig promises new tunes with the same old energy.

– Delta Rae with Lauren Jenkins

Delta Rae are festival legends, performing over a hundred live shows every year and wowing audiences at Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, and more. Since signing with The Valory Music Co. they’re only getting bigger and better. Their country-style folk music is heavily rock influenced, sitting well within the folk rock genre and extending outside it too. The six-piece band includes three siblings, making this a tight-knit cooperative that work excellently together. Every instrument, voice, and song has a place within Delta Rae. Make sure to get Music Hall of Williamsburg tickets for this exciting concert.

– The Cribs

The Cribs are UK indie rockers that have blown up in America, Canada, and beyond. They released two highly successful EPS before partnering with The Smiths’ Johnny Marr for a third. They’re back on the scene after an extended break with an exciting spatter of new music. Their rip-roaring punk single In Your Palace was released on social media in early June, and the rest is still eagerly awaited. If you’re a fan of The Cribs, you’ve got to pick up tickets for this long-awaited concert. – Guide to Most Popular & Upcoming concerts & events in NYC. 

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Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York
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Music Hall of Williamsburg in NYC 2018-2019

Who doesn’t love discovering cool new bands? Luckily, you can do just that with Music Hall of Williamsburg tickets. If you’re a New York native, you’re probably already aware of this snazzy venue. If you’re a visitor, you’ve got to find it and check it out. You might even recognize this funky and grungy venue from the opening scene of School of Rock! Grab some Music Hall of Williamsburg tickets to one of these exciting upcoming shows. You’ll get to hang out with the funkiest people in the slickest neighborhood – the amazing music is just a bonus.

Music Hall of Williamsburg – 66 North 6th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

By Subway
L to Bedford Ave. Walk down one block and turn right on N. 6th St. and go past Berry St. Music Hall of Williamsburg will be on your left, between Wythe and Kent Avenues.

By Car
Within Brooklyn: Take BQE (I-278E) to Exit 30 for Flushing Ave. Merge onto Classon Ave. Turn left onto Kent Ave. Turn right onto Division Ave. Turn left onto Berry St. Turn left onto N. 6th St. Music Hall of Williamsburg will be on your left between Wythe and Kent Avenues.

From Manhattan: Take the Williamsburg Bridge. Turn right at Broadway. Turn right at Bedford Ave. Turn left at N. 6th St. Music Hall of Williamsburg will be on your left between Wythe and Kent Avenues.

Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York, NY