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New York City Theater Events 2019 – all information & schedule. Events in New York City are always one step bigger, brighter, and more exciting than anywhere else. The level of entertainment is fantastically high and there’s always something to do. Whether you’re into big group activities, meeting new people, or striking out alone, there’s something that you’ll love in New York. After all, the Big Apple has some of the world’s best venues and most creative people. Every day offers new music, comedy, theater, art shows, meet-ups, and more. You don’t have to look far, that’s for sure! This guide will give you a quick round up of some of the most exciting events in New York City in the upcoming months.

Broadway Theatre List:
Madison Square Garden
Metropolitan Opera
Lincoln Center
Town Hall NYC
Radio City Music Hall
Bowery Ballroom
Beacon Theatre
Carnegie Hall

 – Live Music

New York City is famous for its amazing live music events. After all, some of the best musicians in the world come from New York, and anyone worth knowing has performed in the Big Apple. From the Metropolitan Opera and the New York Philharmonic to Justin Bieber and Iron Maiden, you’ll find it all at live music events in New York.

 – Comedy

New York has a great comedy tradition with some amazing native comedians including Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld, Joy Behar, and Demetri Martin. There are also plenty of top-notch comedy venues in the city, so you’re never going to miss out on big laughs. Get yourself to a comedy event in New York City for a guaranteed good time.

 – Dance

Some of the best dance events take place in the Big Apple. Whether it’s high-class ballet or improvised street dance, you can see it performed with amazing skill in New York City. Head to the Lincoln Center to see the New York City Ballet or Bryant Park for some contemporary dance performances. Of course, if you want to get involved and move your own body, there are plenty of dance events where you can boogie the night away too.

 – Sports

If you’re a sports lover, there are hundreds of events for you to attend in New York City. Make sure to get your tickets early for the big games at the Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Hilltop Park, and any of the other excellent sports venues. Alternatively, you can join in with a fun run in Central Park if you want to move your own body.

 – Festivals

New York City festival events are some of the best in the world. You can catch the New York Arts Festival, the Coffee and Tea Festival NYC, Tribeca Film Festival, or many more festival events. Whether it’s live music, food, comedy, or something more unique, you can find it in New York.

 – Philanthropy

There’s nothing as lovely as joining in with a fun event and knowing that you’re helping others at the same time. New York City is the perfect place for taking part in philanthropic efforts as there are hundreds of charity events every year. Get involved with a gala, a coffee morning, or a sponsored run to have fun and do some good.

 – Theater

New York City is home to Broadway, the theater capital of the world. Of course, it makes sense that there are a plethora of mind-blowing theater events taking place in the city. You can see a glitzy Broadway show featuring a famous cast, a smaller Brooklyn show with amateur actors, or anything in between.

 – Craft Fairs

New Yorkers are a creative bunch, so there’s nothing quite like a craft fair in New York. You can buy unique handmade homewares, clothes, or jewelry at these fun markets, so why not set aside a few dollars and visit one? Head to one of New York City’s many craft events to while away a fun afternoon.

 – Art Exhibitions

New York is lucky to host some of the world’s best art pieces in finely curated museums. Art events let you open your mind and discover something new. Check out art exhibitions at the Guggenheim, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art or one of Manhattan’s many smaller art venues.

 – Book Readings

New York is home to some of the finest literary minds from the US and farther afield. As a result, many prestigious authors host book readings at various bookstores and venues around the city. Check out local book events for the chance to see a noted writer discussing their latest works in person.

 – Food-Tasting Events

New York City has a busy and thriving food scene, so many food-tasting events are happening every week.  You can try the offerings from a new eatery, check out a restaurant’s revamped dishes, or sample the feast at a local food festival. These New York City events are a unique and fun way to spend a few hours.

 – Amateur Nights

There are plenty of amazing professional performers in New York, but the city is home to many talented amateurs too. Find an amateur night to see brilliant singers, dancers, comedians, spoken word poets, and more. The Apollo Theater, the Slipper Room, and the Village Underground all host impressive amateur nights.

 – Conventions

Conventions like Comic-Con and VidCon have become hugely popular in recent years. Whatever you’re a fan of, you’ll find it being honored somewhere in New York City. You’ll get to meet like-minded people, discuss your hobbies, and meet your niche’s big names. It could be anime, comics, tattoos, or anything else. Look to the city for upcoming convention events.

You’ll never complain about having nothing to do in New York City. The Big Apple is positively brimming with fun things to experience, and new events are cropping up all the time. Whatever you like doing and whatever your interests lie, you’ll find something here. Take some time to experience these events in the upcoming season. You’ll get to experience something new, make fun memories, and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Of course, there are plenty of other options for events in New York City, but these are some of the best and brightest. What are you waiting for? Get out there and try them!

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  • Events In NY - What & Where

    What: Visionaries: Creating a Modern Guggenheim
    Where: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
    If you’re of the artistic persuasion, you’ve got to see the Visionaries exhibition at the Guggenheim. The exhibition celebrates the many modern artists who contributed to giving the Guggenheim its impeccable reputation. This is one New York City event that is truly unmissable.



    What: Midsummer Night Swing
    Where: Damrosch Park
    Midsummer Night Swing is a great chance to get outside and move your body in beautiful surroundings. A host of excellent swing artists play their tunes as you bop the night away with your sweetheart. It’s a vintage event that will take you right back, so don’t miss it.

    What: International African Arts Festival
    Where: Commodore Barry Park, Downtown Brooklyn
    The International African Arts Festival is a celebration of African arts and culture that has been steadily growing since it began in 1971. Artists including Erykah Badu, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Sun Ra, and Asase Yaa African American Dance Theater have performed at the festival in years gone by. It’s an event you’ve got to see.

    What: Amateur Night at The Apollo
    Where: Apollo Theater
    Amateur Night at The Apollo gives aspiring singers, dancers, comedians, and more the chance to hop on stage and give it a go. This event attracts some of New York City’s best up and coming artists, so you can say you’ve seen the next big thing performing in person!

    What: WWE: Live – SummerSlam Heatwave Tour
    Where: Madison Square Garden
    If you like professional wrestling, you can’t miss the WWE SummerSlam Heatwave Tour. Even if you aren’t a big wrestling fan, this is a niche way to spend an evening. The event is always high energy and full of thrills, and some of the biggest names in wrestling will battle it out this year.

    What: Champagne & Chocolate Tasting at Bastille Day Fête
    Where: French Institute Alliance Française on 60th Street
    Bastille Day is a classic French holiday, so why not celebrate with an equally Gallic event? The French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) host this delectable champagne and chocolate tasting. If you’ve got a taste for the finer things in life, you can’t get much better than this event in New York City.

    What: Glory 43 International Kickboxing
    Where: The Theater at Madison Square Garden
    Kickboxing is thrilling to watch and this Glory 43 International Kickboxing event takes it to the next level. The world’s finest kickboxing talents will show off their moves in the gorgeous surroundings of Madison Square Garden. It should be an unforgettable night of fighting, so don’t miss out.

    What: Tim & Eric
    Where: The Town Hall
    Tim & Eric are the esoteric comedians that have kept television and stage audiences laughing for years. This ten-year anniversary tour of their hit TV show Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! promises to be amazing. If you like kooky comedy and big laughs, you’ll love this event.

    Free Fashion Runway Show
    Where: Riverbank State Park
    Fashion On The Hudson is an upbeat fashion event that features designers from all over the world. With the focus on emerging talent, it’s a must-see for fashion lovers. This free fashion runway show won’t hurt your wallet but will give you a chic day out in the balmy July sun.

    Where: The Town Hall
    IMOMSOHARD is the comedy child of Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, two mothers and comedians who tear up the stage. They make light of subjects any parent or woman will recognize and do it in a totally side-splitting way. Grab a glass of wine and get ready to giggle.

    What: Iron Maiden & Ghost
    Where: Barclays Center
    If you’re into rock music, you can’t pass up the chance to see the legendary Iron Maiden performing in person. The Book Of Souls World Tour brings both Iron Maiden and metal act Ghost to New York City. Their show at the Barclays Center should be a rip-roaring event.

    What: Barefoot Ball
    Where: Bryant Park
    The Barefoot Ball is a kooky and unique New York City event that’s perfect for open-minded folk. Chuck off your shoes and dance the night away to the sounds of legendary DJ Grandmaster Flash. There’s even an open bar at this one-of-a-kind event!