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Paramour is a brave feat: Cirque du Soleil bring their brand of eye-opening theatrics to Broadway in this ambitious production.

While Cirque du Soleil have typically focused on visual spectacles with acrobatics and contortions, they are now attempting to fit within the standard Broadway format. Their cast of singers and dancers are brought to the Broadway stage in individualized character roles and storylines. However, classic circus fans shouldn’t be disappointed. Paramour still offers the acrobats, aerialists, and jugglers that audiences have come to expect from Cirque du Soleil.

The storyline behind paramour is a classic love story set against the glittering backdrop of Hollywood. A.J. Golden, played by Jeremy Kushnier, is a domineering director setting out to make the world’s best motion picture. Along the way, he wants to make a success out of Indigo, portrayed by Ruby Lewis, who is a simple but talented café singer. Indigo is A.J.’s muse and protégée. With a sparkling cast of performers, Paramour then runs through a series of vignettes focused on classic Hollywood love stories like Casablanca. Hollywood’s golden years are brilliantly evoked by the cast and production.

Whilst it is a noticeable step away from the standard Cirque du Soleil format, Paramour successfully integrates many of its key elements. The costuming is visually astounding, conjuring up 1930s Hollywood glamour with ease, and the set is similarly spectacular. From nightclubs to movie sets, set designer Jean Rabasse evokes all the glittering decadence that the audience might expect from a true Cirque du Soleil production. The acting is effective and the addition of more classic circus performers is a joy to behold. Circus and Broadway fans alike will enjoy this innovative and enticing stage experience.

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Paramour Cirque Du Soleil Show Tickets

Theater: Lyric Theatre
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes (1 intermission)
Starring: Ruby Lewis, Jeremy Kushnier, Ryan Vona

Paramour is Cirque du Soleil’s first resident musical theatre show at the Lyric Theatre on Broadway, New York City. Paramour is themed to the “Golden age of Hollywood” and follows the life of “a poet who is forced to choose between love and art”. It has similar elements to Cirque du Soleil’s retired Los Angeles resident show in Iris (which was also themed on cinema) written and created by Philippe Decouflé, and has a 38-person onstage cast with actress Ruby Lewis in the lead as Indigo. Paramour began preview shows on April 16, 2016, with an official premiere on May 25, 2016.

During previews, Paramour got off to a strong start and grossed over $1 million in its first six shows.

The show is directed by French director-choreographer Philippe Decouflé, who was also the director of the cinema themed Cirque du Soleil show Iris.The rest of the creative team is also the same as for Iris apart from the assistant directors, composer and sound designer. Scenes from Iris, such as aerial straps performed by the Atherton twins (who also performed in Iris), were incorporated into Paramour. The show also features flying machines from Verity Studios.

Paramour is also a musical featuring ten original songs.

Critical reception
Charles Isherwood of The New York Times wrote “The athletic circus acts that are laced throughout the show provide the real entertainment, and make the surrounding book scenes and songs feel even more bogus and synthetic,” and “There’s no denying the breathtaking magic of seeing bodies swim through the air with such apparent weightlessness. Too bad the musical surrounding them feels just as weightless, and far more forgettable.”

Maren Wade of Las Vegas Weekly wrote “I think what made Paramour truly special was the unique element of the acrobatics in a more real-life setting. It felt like one minute I was watching a big Broadway show, but all of a sudden these crazy acrobatics would happen in scenes and scenarios where they were least expected,” adding “I loved the show and would highly recommend it to anyone who is a Broadway and Cirque fan.”

Rex Reed of New York Observer said “If your demands are not high and you don’t try to make too much sense of the wobbly so-called “plot,” there’s a lot of skill on view here that is fun to watch. Paramour is a dream conceived by P. T. Barnum and revised by Bob Fosse, and some of it works even better on a Broadway stage than in a tent.” [1]

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