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Broadways musicals like The Phantom of the Opera and Chicago get a lot of attention, that’s for sure. However, there’s a lot to be said for a pure Broadway play without the music and lyrics. Often, the silence and unobtrusive dialogue are more adept, and they offer something a little different from musical productions. If you want to see some definitive New York Broadway without the melodic thrills, these plays are perfect for you. From the dramatic to the comedic, the classic to the recent, they each offer a taste of true Broadway. Of course, musicals are still plenty of fun, but there’s something uniquely captivating about these non-musical offerings.

-The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie has been a Broadway hit since its release in 1945. The ground-breaking Tennessee Williams memory play explores issues like family, love, and self-improvement. The main character narrates the speculatively autobiographical story of his life with his mother, sister, father, and a school friend. The Glass Menagerie is an emotionally rich play that depicts realistic, heartfelt, and torrid character interactions. The play has been adapted multiple times for cinema screens but it only truly in its element on Broadway. Indeed, the continued presence of The Glass Menagerie on Broadway stages since its release sixty years ago is a true testament to the play’s brilliance.


August Wilson won a Pulitzer Prize for the collection that contains Jitney so it has been eagerly awaited on Broadway. Jitneys are unlicensed cabs, and this masterful play explores the lives of their drivers in the 1970s. The play revolves around a tense time when the city threatens to close the jitney business. Tempers fray and long-hidden secrets are revealed as the ties that bind the jitney driving men are corroded. The stories of these marginalized black men is vividly conveyed with a heart that will capture audiences’ attentions. The prospect of all-consuming poverty hovers over the jitney drivers and their understandable reactions are truly heart-wrenching to behold.

-The Little Foxes

Lillian Helman’s 1939 play was adapted into a hugely popular 1941 film starring Bette Davis and Teresa Wright. Now, The Little Foxes comes to Broadway with two standout actresses in the lead roles. Laura Linney (from The Big C) and Cynthia Nixon (from Sex And The City) alternate playing the lead roles in this female-led drama.

They play Regina and Birdie, two scheming and ruthless sisters in law. The women attempt to negotiate the deal of a lifetime while Regina remains enigmatically self-serving. She is an intriguing mix of hero and villain, standing up against her brothers to get her own way. In 1900s Alabama this bold move is both brave and devious. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as The Little Foxes unfolds.

-Present Laughter

Present Laughter is a darkly comedic Broadway turn based on the play by Noël Coward. This Broadway run stars Kevin Kline who shines in the lead role as a self-indulgent actor. As Garry Essendine, he meets a young and preening admirer followed by a series of intruding guests. These unwelcome interruptions come from his manager, ex-wife, and an aspiring playwright.

This adoring network works to save Essendine from himself and keep their place amongst the theatrical elite. Present Laughter is a darkly humorous but charming portrayal of stardom and the positives and negatives that come with it.

The Play That Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong is a rollicking comedy performance that will have you in fits of laughter. The play revolves around the opening night of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society’s murder mystery production. The 1920s whodunit goes hilariously awry right before your eyes as everything seems to go wrong. The set is collapsing, the cast can’t remember their lines, and the corpse forgets to play dead. The Play That Goes Wrong combines classic murder mystery drama with hysterical slapstick comedy to produce a fantastic Broadway show.

-Six Degrees of Separation

How much can you trust your network of connections? Six Degrees of Separation, an iconic play by John Guare, follows wealthy New York couple Flan and Ouisa Kitteredge. A young man turns up at their door claiming that he knows their son from Harvard is Sidney Poitier’s son.

The Kitteredge’s innocently take him in and only later discover that he’s a con artist. As it turns out, their similarly upper class friends have also fallen into Paul’s trap. Six Degrees of Separation is a thought-provoking meditation on liberal wealth and the transformative power of imagination.

-The Present

If you’re looking for a dramatic play with real depth and strongly crafted characters, you’ll love The Present. The play is based on Anton Chekhov’s classic Platonov and takes place in stark post-Perestroika Russia. The protagonist, Anna, is a widow who sees about celebrating her fortieth birthday with friends at her old country house.

There, the tangled web of love, jealousy, and unresolved relationships threaten to take over the group of old friends. There is also Platonov, a handsome married man who shares an undeniable chemistry with Anna. The Present is an enthralling play with issues of regret, envy, and denial are at its heart.


Oslo is a dense and darkly funny production based on a true story. The play depicts the nine months in 1993 when the Oslo Accords were forged between Israel and Palestine. A married Norwegian couple, Mona and Terje, were deeply involved in these top-secret negotiations.

Their involvement in Oslo lends a human element to the governmental heft of this stage production. Mona is the drolly narrator for this excellent play and through her eyes, you see the tense events unfold. Oslo is the perfect play for anyone who has wondered about the drama behind the scenes of high stakes negotiations.

The work of talented playwrights and actors bring these Broadway plays to life. Whilst Broadway is largely geared towards musicals, there are plenty of non-musical productions that still offer heaps of excitement, drama, and visual spectacle. Take a chance on these critically acclaimed and award winning productions and you’ll never look back!

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