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Radio City Music Hall tickets are your “in” to a truly fantastic show. Many of the biggest names in music have performed there, including dance troupe the Rockettes. Radio City Music Hall is located within the prestigious Rockefeller Center in New York. It’s a local favorite and a must-see for any tourist visiting the city. Just kick back, watch a great show, and enjoy yourself in style! From tours of the hall to Tony Award ceremonies, rock stars to classical music, this venue has it all. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on Radio City Music Hall tickets.

American Theatre Wing’s Tony Awards 2017

The Tony Awards are one of New York’s biggest awards shows. They mark out the theater greats from the stage flops and keep the audience thoroughly entertained too. This year, the American Theatre Wing’s 71st annual Tony Awards will be hosted by actor Kevin Spacey. He’s no stranger to awards himself, having won at the Tony and the Academy awards in his stunning career. Some theater greats will be honored at this year’s ceremony, so it’s a real treat for Broadway fans and theater appreciators alike. If you’re a theater lover, you don’t want to miss out on Radio City Music Hall tickets to this glitzy ceremony.

Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is a legend amongst modern composers, and this live concert tour brings him to Radio City Music Hall. The German composer has scored some of the biggest film releases in recent years. You might have heard his work in The Lion King, Pearl Harbor, Pirates of the Caribbean, or The Dark Knight. If not there, then you’re probably familiar with him from some of the other illustrious scores he has work on. On top of all that, Zimmer is an Academy, Golden Globe, and Grammy Award winner. His Rockefeller performance promises to be a mind-blowing display, so don’t miss it. Make sure to grab Radio City Music Hall tickets for this amazing show.

Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson is a genre-hopping and multi-talented musical artist that has revolutionized American music. He has released three solo albums in his exciting career, each of which plays with different American music genres. From country to R&B, bluegrass to soul, Simpson has produced fantastic musical works that will really stick in your mind. His most recent album, A Sailor’s Guide To Earth, won him multiple nominations at the 50th annual Grammy Awards. This live show will feature music from various stages of his career, and promises to be a memorable performance.

Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds: The Final Performances

Brian Wilson is a musical star with releases dating all the way back to the 1960s. His work with the Beach Boys produced Pet Sounds, one of the world’s best-loved albums. The music he produced then and since has thoroughly changed the scene in America and beyond. Performing as a solo artist, he has wowed fans all over the world, producing several critically acclaimed albums. These final performances of his Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds tour are sure to be amazing. Make sure to grab Radio City Music Hall tickets for this music milestone.

Harry Styles Live On Tour

Harry Styles rose to fame performing on the British X Factor competition in 2010. He became a part of  One Direction during the competition. The group completely exceeded expectations, going on to release five hit albums and multiple world tours. Following the band’s split, Styles signed as an independent artist with Billboard, releasing his first solo album this spring. The lead single, Sign Of The Times, is already a hit. Don’t miss out on the chance to see this exciting young artist in person at Radio City Music Hall this summer.


American rock band Paramore has had enduring success since their formation in 2004. Fronted by redheaded rocker Hayley Williams, they can claim multiple hit albums and awards. Paramore’s music has accompanied multiple video game and film releases, including The Sims, Rock Band, and Twilight. Their brand of intense, emotionally rich rock has an appeal that spans generations, although their young adult fans are perhaps the most passionate group. With the release of their fifth album, After Laughter, they are touring once more. This penetrating show is a must-see, so get your Radio City Music Hall tickets while you can.

Radio City Stage Door Tour

What if you want to experience Radio City Music Hall in and of itself? Well, the Radio City Stage Door Tour has you covered. This illuminating tour lets you peek inside this illustrious venue with the assistance of a knowledgeable guide. You’ll tour the venue’s amazing art deco masterpieces, discover all the secrets of the Great Stage, and learn tidbits about the history of the hall. You’ll even meet one of the glamorous Rockettes along the way! Radio City Music Hall tickets to this fun guided tour are a great idea for visitors to New York City.

Group Tours

There are various other group tours of Radio City Music Hall if you want a more specific experience. You can try the Radio City Art Deco Tour, which shows you the intricate details of the venue’s amazing artistry. The Stage Door VIP Tour, meanwhile, might take you into the rehearsal halls, dressing rooms, or even the Roxy Suite! There’s also the Lincoln Center Combo Tour for visitors who are interested in both complexes. You won’t regret getting Radio City Music Hall tickets for one of these exciting tours.

Radio City Music Hall is a glamorous venue that offers you plenty of exciting entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of the Tony Awards or a pop lover, you’ll love your Radio City Music Hall tickets. After all, this exciting concert hall isn’t known as the showplace of the nation for nothing! These upcoming concerts promise you an excellent time and a show that you’ll never forget. Grab a friend, a partner, your family, or just yourself, and bring yourself to Radio City Music Hall for a great time. – Compare Prices & Buy  Cheap Tickets to Barclays Center in New York City!

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Radio City Music Hall has been a magnet for celebrities since that first night more than six decades ago. Stars shine here.
Radio City has 5,933 seats for spectators, and additional seating can be placed on the pit elevator during events that do not require that space bringing the seating capacity to over 6,000.

Radio City is the ultimate destination for the brightest and the best. Future stars, including the budding new comedian, Ray Bolger, and Metropolitan Opera star-to-be, Jan Peerce, shone here first. Many others came to bask in stardom already won. During the golden years of the silver screen, film celebrities rarely missed an opportunity to make an appearance on opening day. It wasn’t unusual to find the likes of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Merle Oberon, Mary Pickford, Barbara Stanwyck, Jimmy Stewart, Robert Taylor, Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell stopping by to greet fans.

1260 6th Ave, New York, NY 10020

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