Sistas The Musical

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Sistas The Musical Off Broadway  – Review

Sistas is a foot-tapping musical with family at its heart. However, this clever production is about so much more than that. Sistas covers issues of race, love, rivalry, and loss with intelligence and grace, all set to a fantastically uplifting soundtrack. The play offers shrewd reflections on what it means to be black, to be female, and to be part of a family. The audience are welcomed on this musical and emotional journey and indeed, it is easy to be swept along in the music and the soul that makes Sistas such a joy to behold.

The play follows three black sisters, their white sister in law, and one of the women’s teenage daughters. They have gathered in the dusty attic of their dearly departed family matriarch to sort through her possessions and choose a song to play at her farewell service. Along the way, the family reflect on how their deceased mother and grandmother affected their personal growth and shaped them into the women they are today. It is a profoundly emotional story that will likely move audiences to tears and, in some moments, laughter.

Alongside the emotionally rich subject matter, Sistas offers audiences a realistic depiction of familial bonding. Furthermore, the musical offers a decadent soundtrack of music from black artists, performed with gusto by the talented actresses in the show. There are riotous renditions of classics like R.E.S.P.E.C.T., Single Ladies, Oh Happy Day, and Strange Fruit, amongst others. Certainly, Sistas functions well on multiple levels. It is a solidly crafted emotional tale, an energetically performed musical, and an insightful meditation on race and family. Sistas offers one of the most multi-faceted theater experiences of the year and should not be missed.

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Sistas The Musical

Theater: St. Luke’s Theatre

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (no intermission)

Starring: Haley Swindal, Antoinette Comer, Nesha Ward

Sistas can provide kids with an insightful look into the history of African-American women over the past century. Parents should beware there are some sexual situations referenced, as well as discussion of hate crimes and abuse.

CAST & CREATIVE for Sistas

Cast: Heather – Haley Swindal, Gloria – Antoinette Comer, Roberta – Nesha Ward, Simone – Jalynn Steele, Tamika – Danea Osseni

Creative: Written by Dorothy Marcic, Director – Kenneth Ferrone, Choreographer – Lauren Lim Jackson, Set Designer – Josh Iacovelli, Costume Designer – Tricia Barsamian, Lighting Designer – Kia Rogers.

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