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The Lightning Thief Musical – Review

The Lightning Thief is based on the best-selling 2005 young adult novel by Rick Riordan. Combining Greek mythology with modern pre-teen drama, the book was an instant success for its author. The story also did well onscreen in 2010 film release starring Logan Lerman and Uma Thurman. However, it seems that The Lightning Thief may have reached its inevitable peak on the off-Broadway stage. Adults will enjoy the humor and mythology of the stage production while children giggle and gasp along with the energetic, fantastical tale. There’s even a musical score to add some extra energy to the production.

The show follows Percy Jackson, a twelve-year-old outcast who lives with his mother and her new husband Gabe, a gross and unappealing weirdo. Percy has never met his real father. However, Percy ends up at Camp Half-Blood where it becomes clear that he is the half-blood son of a Greek god, specifically Poseidon, and a mortal. At camp he makes a small group of other semi-divine friends including Grover and Annabeth. From the camp, Percy and his friends must venture out on a fantastical mission to find Zeus’s stolen thunderbolt and bring it back to him. If they don’t succeed, there is the threat of a world-shattering war amongst the gods.

The Lightning Thief takes the best elements of the book series and film and combines them with fantastic production design, catchy music, and witty humor. Indeed, The Lightning Thief is a show that will impress adults, teens, and younger children, offering some thoughtful meditations on friendship and fitting in while it introduces mythology and magic to the audience. Fans of the books will be particularly enthralled by this enjoyable production but non-readers will certainly be impressed too.

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The Lightning Thief Off-Broadway

Theater: Lucille Lortel Theatre
Duration: 2 hours (1 intermission)
Starring: Chris McCarrell

CAST & CREATIVE for The Lightning Thief

Cast: Percy Jackson – Chris McCarrell

Creative: Written by Joe Tracz and Rob Rokicki, Based on the novel by Rick Riordan, Director – Stephen Brackett, Choreographer – Patrick McCollum, Set Designer – Lee Savage, Costume Designer – Sydney Maresca, Sound Designer – Ryan Rumery

The Lightning Thief  Off-Broadway Tickets – Find Best Prices & Best Seats

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