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The Little Foxes Broadway – Review

The Little Foxes is a 1939 play by Lillian Helman that achieved mainstream success when it was adapted into a film starring Bette Davis and Teresa Wright in 1941. Directed by Tony Award winner Daniel Sullivan, this production also stars two illustrious Tony Award winners, Cynthia Nixon (from television’s Sex And The City and stage’s Rabbit Hole) and Laura Linney (three-time winner for Time Stands Still and Sight Unseen). In an innovative casting decision, the two women will alternate playing the two lead roles, so each stretch their acting chops as they inhabit the hearts and minds of the two ambitious women at the center of the play.

The Little Foxes is set in Alabama in 1900 and follows the ruthless, chillingly determined clan of Regina Giddens. This includes Regina’s sister in law Birdie. The two clash often and harshly as they negotiate for the deal of a lifetime. Regina’s wife and daughter are victims to her self-serving ways and she also battles it out against her two brothers. Certainly, The Little Foxes is a tale about women pushing ahead as much as it is about greed, wealth, and morality. While Regina is egotistical and pitiless, Birdie is a hopeless woman on the edge.

Helman’s extraordinary play is a harsh reflection of days gone by and yet it remains poignant today. With subject matter surrounding feminist striving, historical injustices, and the single-mindedness of the upper classes at the time, The Little Foxes is a weighty but well-paced production. Along with the alternating characterizations of Regina and Birdie by Nixon and Linney, this new theater run seems to offer something exciting and fresh to each performance. Certainly, The Little Foxes is one of this season’s most promising productions.

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The Little Foxes Broadway Tickets NYC

Theater: Samuel J Friedman Theatre
Duration: TBA
Starring: Laura Linney, Cynthia Nixon, Darren Goldstein

Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon star in Lillian Hellman’s family drama.

Please note: Cynthia Nixon and Laura Linney will alternate in the lead roles of Regina Hubbard Giddens and Birdie Hubbard.

CAST & CREATIVE for The Little Foxes

Cast: Regina Hubbard Giddens/Birdie Hubbard – Laura Linney, Regina Hubbard Giddens/Birdie Hubbard – Cynthia Nixon, Oscar – Darren Goldstein, Horace – Richard Thomas, Ben – Michael McKean, Mr. Marshall – David Alford, Leo – Michael Benz, Addie – Caroline Stefanie Clay, Alexandra – Lyla Porter-Follows, Cal – Charles Turner

Creative: Written by Lillian Hellman, Director – Daniel Sullivan, Set Designer – Scott Pask, Costume Designer – Jane Greenwood, Lighting Designer – Justin Townsend, Sound Designer – Fitz Patton

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