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Town Hall Events 2018. Tickets for The Town Hall are always in high demand because this venue is just so trendy. If you want your show with a slice of style, The Town Hall is the place for you. Established in 1921 as a meeting place for the suffragettes, The Town Hall has been a buzzing venue ever since. It’s a mark of the victory won by those hardworking women and a beloved theater district landmark. If you’re looking for a fun night out in New York City, look no further than The Town Hall. This simple rundown of this season’s hottest shows will keep you up to date on what to see in the coming months. The Town Hall tickets are an absolute must-have.

 – Russell Watson

Russell Watson is arguably one of the world’s best classical singers. This angel-voiced crooner has released 10 studio albums, each more popular than the last. Between the critical acclaim and huge expanse of fans, Russell Watson has become a classical music superstar. His smooth tones are back on tour after surgery on a pituitary tumor, which he has valiantly recovered from. Just like before, his talent will truly blow the audience away. You don’t want to miss out on tickets to his show at The Town Hall.

 – Pop-up Magazine

Pop-up Magazine is an exciting live magazine performance that you won’t forget. Radio, film, photography, and live music mix together in this one-of-a-kind show. A large cast of excellent performers bring the show to life, and it will truly enthrall you. Past performers include Alice Walker, Susan Orlean, Ira Glass, Autumn de Wilde, and Beck.

 – Feist

Indie singer Feist is an international sensation with five acclaimed albums to her name. Her soulful, bright music has been featured in shows like Gray’s Anatomy and The L Word, and films like 500 Days of Summer. Her show is well worth seeing in person, as her mournful voice is completely unforgettable. The Town Hall tickets to Feist are perfect for a date night treat.

 – Eddie Izzard

This evening at The Town Hall is a celebration of Eddie Izzard’s new book, Believe Me. This intimate evening’s entertainment includes some stand-up, personal photographs, and discussions of this heralded comedian’s life. Izzard will also read selected sections from the book and answer questions from the audience. The ticket price includes a copy of Believe Me, so this is a show worth seeing if you’re an Eddie Izzard fan.

 – Dr. John & Henry Butler

Dr. John has won a startling six Grammy Awards and been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. His New Orleans-inspired music is utterly unique and totally unforgettable. Through his stunning music career, he has become a pillar of American music and culture. His performance at The Town Hall includes a set from Henry Butler, the jazz pianist. Butler’s soulful jazz and blues tunes are eclectic but completely symbolic of New Orleans.

 – Elizabeth Warren: This Fight Is Our Fight

Senior Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren is one of America’s most important progressives. Her 11th book, This Fight Is Our Fight, brings her to The Town Hall. Her talk will include a question and answer session with the audience. If you’ve ever wanted to talk to one of the biggest names in American politics, this is your chance.

 – Lore Podcast

The Lore Podcast is a critically acclaimed show about the dark true histories of human history. Each episode focuses on a new scary story from history, and they’ll knock your socks off. The people, places, and situations discussed will leave you covered in goosepimples. This live show brings the Lore Podcast to The Town Hall. If you’re a fan of the show, or a podcast lover in general, make sure to pick up The Town Hall tickets for this one.

 – Broadway by the Year

If you like Broadway, you’ll fall in love with his swanky show. Broadway by the Year is created by author and critic Scoot Siegel, who designed the show specifically for The Town Hall. In each show, an impressive cast of Broadway stars and cabaret performers celebrate the songs of a particular year on Broadway. Previous shows have included star performers like Liz Callaway, Chuck Cooper, Alice Ripley, and Tom Wopat. Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mel Brooks are set to perform in this summer’s Broadway by the Year show, so don’t miss out!

 – Tim and Eric

This show is a central part of comedy duo Tim and Eric’s 10 Year Anniversary Awesome Tour!. The tour celebrates the 10th anniversary of their breakout television show, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. Their kooky brand of sketch comedy is completely infectious and you’ll be giggling for the whole night. Their creative comedy style has also been seen in their feature film Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, and the television shows they produce such as The Eric Andre Show and Nathan For You. You’ll be thrilled with The Town Hall tickets to this side-splitting show.

 – Ben Gibbard

Ben Gibbard is a multitalented singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He released eight studio albums with his band Death Cab For Cutie and multiple records with his duo The Postal Service. His debut solo album was released in 2012 to great critical acclaim. If you like muted indie tunes, you’ll adore this show. Actor and comedian Jon Glaser supports Ben Gibbard in this show at The Town Hall.

Every New Yorker loves The Town Hall, and visitors are big fans too. This exciting concert venue hosts some of the coolest new shows and classic artists that you still hold a candle for. If you want to entertain yourself or impress a guest, The Town Hall tickets are the way to go. The Town Hall has stood through over 90 years of Manhattan happenings and it’s still as fresh as ever. Don’t miss out on these exciting performers hitting The Town Hall in the coming months. After all, what’s better than a high-class show in a culturally rich and luxurious setting? – Compare Prices & Buy  Cheap Tickets to Town Hall in New York City!

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1, 2, 3 – Times Square-42nd Street (7th Ave.-Broadway)
A, C, E – 42nd Street-Port Authority (8th Avenue)
B, D, M, F – 42nd Street-Brant Park (6th Avenue)
N, Q, R – Times Square-42nd Street (Broadway)
7 & S – Times Square-42nd Street (Broadway-7th Avenue)


M42 runs the length of 42nd Street from East to West
M5 & M7 buses run North along 6th Avenue/Avenue of the Americas.
M5 & M20 buses run South along 7th Avenue


Via the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel: take Westside Highway Northbound on 42nd or 44th; go east on 40th St; make a left onto Ave of the Americas three blocks north to 43rd St; make another left

Via Williamsburg or Manhattan Bridges: take FDR to 42nd St; go west on 42nd Street; right onto Ave of the Americas; one block north to 43rd St, left onto 43rd St


Via 59th St Bridge, Midtown Tunnel or Triborough Bridge: take FDR to 42nd St; go west on 42nd St; make right on Ave of the Americas; go one block north to 43rd St; left onto 43rd St


Via Holland Tunnel and G.W. Bridge: take West Side Highway to 42nd St; go east on 40th St; make a left onto Ave of the Americas three blocks north to 43rd St; make another left

Via Lincoln Tunnel: go east on 40th St; make a left onto Ave of the Americas three blocks north to 43rd St; make another left

Go north on Avenue of the Americas and make a left on West 43rd Street.
Go south on Broadway and make a left on 42nd Street. Make a left on Avenue of the Americas and then a left on West 43rd Street.

From the Westside Highway:
Take the Westside Highway and exit on 56th Street, heading east to Broadway. Make a right on Broadway. Continue as above.

From the FDR Drive:
Take the FDR to the 42nd Street exit. Take 42nd Street heading west to Avenue of the Americas and make a right. Continue to West 43rd Street and make a left.

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