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War Paint Broadway the Musical – Review

War Paint is a promising mix of historical storytelling and musical theater. The show, directed by Michael Greif with music by Scott Frankel and Michael Korie, tells the true story of two trail-blazing women. Appropriately, then, the lead roles are played by two remarkable actresses, multiple Tony Award winners Patti LuPone and Christine Ebersole. The leads delighted audiences when War Paint previously played in Chicago and the show looks set to wow New York audiences now as it gears up for a Broadway run. War Paint has all the key ingredients of a great stage production: it’s based on a true story, contains soaring musical numbers, and is staged beautifully to keep the audience’s eyes gripped throughout.

The story follows cosmetic bigwigs Helena Rubinstein (played by LuPone) and Elizabeth Arden (portrayed by Ebersole). These two women rules the American cosmetics market throughout the 20th century, changing the way that women looked, worked, and lived forever more. The women are fierce competitors, ruthlessly battling it out to win the best share of the beauty market in the US. Although authoritative Polish-born Rubinstein and bouncy American Arden might seem very different, War Paint goes to great lengths to show the audience (and the characters) that they really have a lot in common.

The show might be cosmetically beautiful but there is real depth there too. The show taps into the women’s inner lives and also portrays the struggles of their harried managers. The 2009 documentary The Powder and the Glory and the War Paint biography by Lindy Woodhead played roles in inspiring this piece of theater, but the stage show goes beyond both of those previous works. The show’s stellar acting and soaring music produce a riveting and classic piece of Broadway musical theater.

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War Paint Broadway Musical NYC

Theater: Nederlander Theatre
Duration: TBA
Starring: Patti LuPone, Christine Ebersole, John Dossett

Patti LuPone and Christine Ebersole star in this new musical about beauty titans Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden.

War Paint Broadway Musical – Act I

“A Woman’s Face” – Helena Rubinstein, Elizabeth Arden, Society Doyenne, Grand Dame, Heiress & Countess
“Behind the Red Door” – Arden Girls, Society Doyenne, Grand Dame, Heiress, Countess & Elizabeth
“Back on Top” – Helena & Beauty Technicians
“Hope in a Jar” – Harry Fleming, Helena, Society Doyenne, Grand Dame, Heiress, Countess, Elizabeth, Tommy Lewis, Arden

Girls & Bergdorf Goodman Customers
“A Working Marriage” – Elizabeth & Tommy
“My American Moment” – Helena & Elizabeth
“Step on Out” – Arden Girls, Miss Beam, Tommy & Harry
“If I’d Been a Man” – Elizabeth & Helena
“Better Yourself” – Elizabeth
“Oh, That’s Rich” – Tommy, Helena, Harry & Elizabeth
“Face to Face” – Helena & Elizabeth

War Paint Broadway Musical – Act II

“War Paint” – Helena, Elizabeth, Women Factory Workers, Eleanor Roosevelt, WACs & Flagbearers
“A Woman’s Face (Reprise)” – Countess, Society Doyenne, Heiress, Grand Dame, Young Mother & Other Branch Salon Clients
“Now You Know” – Helena
“No Thank You” – Harry, Elizabeth, Tommy, Helena & William S. Paley
“Fire and Ice” – Charles Revson, Dorian Leigh, Mirror Girls, Helena, Elizabeth, Harry & Tommy
“Face to Face (Reprise)” – Helena & Elizabeth
“Dinosaurs” – Tommy & Harry
“Pink” – Elizabeth
“Forever Beautiful” – Helena
“Beauty in the World” – Helena & Elizabeth
“A Woman’s Face (Reprise)” – Company

War Paint will premiere on Broadway at the Nederlander Theatre on March 7, 2017 before officially opening on April 6. Additional featured cast includes Dossett and Sills, reprising their roles from the Chicago production.

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